Besides These, There Are Some Other Types Of Glaucoma.

When the optic nerve that conveys visual information to the brain, gets inflamed, the condition is known as optic neuritis. This condition should not be ignored and a doctor should be contacted immediately. Besides these, there are some other types of glaucoma. Iridotomy: It is used in closed angle acute glaucoma. This infection is a rare but extremely serious condition, involving infection of the tissues surrounding the eyes. If you are instilling other eye drops, always keep a gap of at least 10-15 minutes between two drops. However, glaucoma surgery also depends on its severity, and this decides if the patient needs laser treatment or a conventional filtering microsurgery. Eyesight problems are common nowadays. It can be effectively used for the treatment of inflammation, anxiety, nausea, convulsion, schizophrenia, and cancer. The eye pressure is known as the intra ocular pressure or GOP. A viral or bacterial infection can lead to pain behind the eye, which usually indicates inflammation of optic nerve. There are a few common eye infections that are covered in detail in this article. This is used in open angle or primary congenital glaucoma.

By covering the full spectrum of known IOP-lowering mechanisms, RoclatanTM has the potential to provide a greater IOP-lowering effect than any currently approved glaucoma product. The first Phase 3 registration trial for RoclatanTM, named Mercury 1 is a 12-month safety trial in 718 patients with a 90-day efficacy readout, which is the subject of this press release. Some Emerging Guidance On Central Factors In Keratoconus | Leah Mitchell TalkThe topline efficacy readout demonstrated that RoclatanTM was statistically superior to each of its components. The second Phase 3 registration trial, named Mercury 2, is a 90-day efficacy trial that commenced in March 2016, and a third Phase 3 registration trial, named Mercury 3, is expected to commence in Europe in the first half of 2017. Mercury 3 is not necessary for approval in the U.S., but rather to facilitate regulatory approval and commercialization in Europe. About RhopressaTM RhopressaTM (netarsudil ophthalmic solution) 0.02%, is a novel eye drop that we believe, if approved, would become the only once-daily product available that, based on Aeries preclinical studies, specifically targets the trabecular meshwork, the eyes primary fluid drain and the diseased tissue responsible for elevated IOP in glaucoma. Preclinical studies have also demonstrated that RhopressaTM lowers episcleral venous pressure, which contributes approximately half of IOP in healthy subjects. Further, based on Aeries preclinical studies, RhopressaTM provides an additional mechanism that reduces fluid production in the eye and therefore lowers IOP. Biochemically, RhopressaTM has been shown in Aerie studies to inhibit both Rho Kinase (ROCK) and norepinephrine transporter (NET). Recent preclinical studies have also shown that RhopressaTM may have disease-modifying properties, including an anti-fibrotic effect on the trabecular meshwork and the potential to increase perfusion of the trabecular meshwork. Preclinical research is also currently underway to evaluate the potential neuroprotective benefits of RhopressaTM.

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